Complete weight loss kit includes 90-day supply of WeightLoss & LiverSupport, CarbRepel, and ThermAccel. + Personal Weight Loss Planner
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Nicknamed "10 lbs. in a box", you get a complete weight loss plan using simple strategies to eat better, move more, lose weight and feel great. You’ll get a personal weight loss planner and a 90-day supply of dotFIT fat loss products. All three products work in different ways to get you to consume and absorb fewer calories while burning more. This makes the road to your goal easier, requiring less work and fewer lifestyle adjustments. The programmed use of these three formulas together with the included food and activity guideline will make developing new habits and achieving your weight loss goals faster and easier to accomplish.
  • First 30 days - use dotFIT WeightLoss & LiverSupport™. This product supports the body’s most active fat burning organ, your liver, and helps block dietary fat from being absorbed. As a result, you feel full faster and for a longer period of time.
  • Next 30 days - switch to dotFIT CarbRepel™. This product helps block carbohydrates or sugars from being stored as body fat and works to keep food in the stomach longer in order to make you fuller sooner and for longer.
  • Last 30 days - switch to dotFIT ThermAccel™, a natural stimulant to help increase your metabolism and influence you to move more while communicating with your appetite center reduce hunger.


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